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No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


Site creator decisions are final


Please be respectful, kind and courteous.

* It is important that our community members (whether they are registered with us or just here to have a look around) feel safe and supported. Transitioning to parenthood is daunting enough and sometimes people feel confused and unsure. That includes fathers too.


The New Dads Project is committed to diversity and inclusivity. It is our aim to ensure this website and associated forums are free from prejudice, oppression and discrimination. As such, offensive terminology including racist, ableist, and sexist language will not be tolerated. 


We are committed to developing a diverse group of men who come together to share their experience of becoming dads for the first time. We are committed to treating all fathers with dignity and respect whilst maintaining a community that understands, celebrates and promotes diversity as well as inclusivity. 


In our commitment to having a safe and inclusive space for fathers to come together, we ask that any contributions to the website are done so mindfully. Please ensure the use of GIFs, memes and pictures do not pose a threat to any member or cause hurt including to minority groups. These include, but are not limited to, people of colour, people of mixed race, people from other cultures and races, our LGBTIQ+ community, and people who identify as neurodiverse. 

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